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International flight arrival in Nairobi at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Transfer to your hotel. Rosalie van Deursen will give an overview of the historic, social and economic significance of Kenya including the cultural state of affairs and a summary of the dynamic art scene in Nairobi.


The art tour starts after breakfast with a visit to one of the most vibrant art centers in Nairobi. The center houses more than 20 artists’ studios and after a general introduction to the center’s activities, there is an opportunity to mingle among the artists and see their work.

They are a varied group of talented emerging artists including those who are more well known. The latter group already has an impressive track record having shown their work in exhibitions in the US and Europe and having also won several prominent awards for their work. In the afternoon there is a visit to a prestigious gallery where a select group of artists talk about their work.


After breakfast there is a visit to an art center that is located in an area that used to be a car garage in one of Nairobi’s industrial areas. In the afternoon we will experience life in the slums of Nairobi. We´ll visit a vibrant art community and explore the neighborhood with artists who work closely with the local population and who create works based on their daily lives. They will show you the slum from their viewpoint.


Today we will go to downtown Nairobi. Together with a local artist we will explore the heart of the old city. The tour is designed to show you the rich history and culture of the Kenyan people. You will come face to face with the beautiful Nairobi skyline after an exhilarating visit to the Kenyatta International Convention Center platform that is 105 meters high. The city center is modern but also traditional. It exudes history and also shows that Nairobi has arrived in the 21st century.


After the slums and bustle of downtown, it will be time to visit the beautiful green and hilly surroundings of Nairobi. Here we will visit two galleries that specialize in Kenyan contemporary art.


Today we’ll explore the south side of Nairobi that borders on Nairobi National park. We will visit a glass studio in this beautiful suburb. We´ll spend the afternoon at a lodge in a beautiful green area where there is a swimming pool and the opportunity to take a walk.


A visit to Nairobi without seeing Nairobi National Park, elephant orphanage and giraffe center is not quite complete. It is very special to be surrounded by nature and still be able to see the Nairobi skyline.  Animals that can be spotted in the National Park are giraffes, buffalo, warthogs, zebras, lions and various types of monkeys. The elephant orphanage and giraffe center are safe places for conservation and protection of wildlife.


Today we´ll visit a busy artists’ collective in the Kibera slum. Their motto is the Swahili proverb: “sanaa ni kioo cha jamii” which translates to “art is the reflection of the community”. Kibera Creative Arts is aimed at strengthening Kibera through art. The last evening in Nairobi we´ll reflect on all our Urban African Art experiences!

DAY 9: Flight back home from NAIROBI

All good things come to an end. Today is the flight back home. Depending on flight times, there could be time in Nairobi to spend at your leisure.

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