‘What about you?’ DAY 5: KINE AW

How do YOU look at other people? What does that say about yourself? Aw addresses female identity and the human gaze, clichés and stereotypes. As a critical voice she encourages people, especially women, to reflect on their lives.

“Women should follow their dreams, no matter of what others might think! Many women in Senegal conform to social expectations and choose the professions they think will be seen as respectable and dignified and are afraid to make unusual choices…There is always a danger of being judged as different.”

Kine Aw (1977) lives and works in Dakar and has taken part in workshops and residency programs both locally and internationally. She has exhibited internationally including in Senegal, France, United States and China.

These works are part of an online pop-up exhibition of contemporary African art ‘What About You?’

If you are interested in buying one of the artists series, please mail rosalie@urbanafricans.com

Kine Aw, ‘Plural Identity Series’ mixed media on paper, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2020