‘What about you?’ DAY 3: ARMIN KANE

What does ART mean to YOU?
Kane: “Art is a medicine”. His art is based on his work at a psychiatric hospital in Dakar where he organizes ‘ateliers d’expression’.

“Working with these people changed my perception about life. Madness is in all of us and lies between two extremes. If you are extremely happy, you get crazy; if you are extremely upset, you get crazy…” According to Kane expressing ourselves is the way to get ‘cured’.

Abdoulaye Armin Kane (1965) lives and works in Dakar and has taken part in workshops and residency programs both locally and internationally. He has exhibited internationally including in Senegal, Germany, Italy, Mali, Martinique, Morocco and The Netherlands.

These works are part of an online pop-up exhibition of contemporary African art ‘What About You?’

If you are interested in buying one of the artists series, please mail rosalie@urbanafricans.com

Armin Kane, ‘Resilience Series’, acrylic, collage, drawings, writings on paper and fabrics with thread, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2020.