How do YOU behave in public transport?
Dion observes how people who commute from the suburbs to the center of Dakar behave and communicate.

With her collages of drawings, paint and different materials found in the bus, she tries to create this feeling of confinement, the one she felt or observed. She reflects on notions of voluntary imprisonment and living a life you once vowed to never do to yourself.

Amy Celestine Dion (1988) lives and works in Dakar and has taken part in workshops and residency programs both locally and internationally. She has exhibited internationally including in Senegal, Denmark and Canada.

These works are part of an online pop-up exhibition of contemporary African art ‘What About You?’

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Celestine Dion, ‘Journey with the Herd’ Series, mixed media collage on paper, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2020.