diakaridia sangaré

Diakaridia Sangaré, untitled # 4, woven cans, 130 x 84 cm, 2021 (SOLD)
Diakaridia Sangaré, untitled # 1, woven cans, 94 x 70 cm, 2021 (SOLD)
Diakaridia Sangaré, untitled # 3, woven cans, 116 x 90 cm, 2021 (SOLD)
Diakaridia Sangaré, untitled # 2, woven cans, 113 x 84 cm, 2021 (SOLD)
Diakaridia Sangaré, ‘without title’, woven cans, 75 x 90 cm, 2021 (SOLD)
Diakaridia Sangaré, ‘the survival’, woven cans, 94 x 109 cm, 2021 (SOLD)
Diakaridia Sangaré, ‘without title’, woven cans, 70 x 80 cm, 2021. (SOLD)

Diakaridia Sangaré (1997) is a visual artist from Mali, a graduate of the Conservatory of Multimedia Arts and Crafts balla Fasséké Kouyaté (CAMM / BFK), member of the Sanou’Arts collective, lives and works in Bamako.

During his studies, he developed a particular technique that he still works on today. Fascinated by recycling and by the monumental works of El Anatsui, he collects used objects, in this case beverage cans. He carefully cuts them into different widths to weave them, giving new life on an aesthetic and conceptual level. His works are reminiscent of the colorful Kente fabrics of Ghana often with an intricate pattern.

Diakarida Sangaré focuses on social themes that involve young people. His works are a testament to what he saw as a young person in his time. The big city of Bamako which is bursting at the seams and which brings enormous and various problems: injustice, corruption, environmental questions.

‘I work with his cans to sensitize this abandoned youth of which I am part; manipulated by political powers. A youth that is completely lost between its past and its present, in societies divided between prohibitions and fundamental freedoms, not to mention the lack of employment. ‘

His wall sculptures are an intimate testimony to his feelings about the situation of his youth using the technique of weaving with an unfamiliar material. A subtle document of the spirit of the times, complex and hard.

Diakaridia Sangaré in his studio in Bamako, Mali.