Mosque in Djenné, Mali

Online art encounters are an opportunity to learn, wonder and be inspired, from the comfort of your own home. During these encounters I will invite an artist to join our meeting and have a live interview with them from their home or studio in Africa. You need no prior knowledge for these events, just curiosity to look through the eyes of a creative mind.

Studio visit Senegalese artist Camara Gueye

Travel with me and get to know:

  • the art and culture of different African countries
  • the enormous diversity of the African continent
  • an art historian with 25 years of experience and affinity with Africa
  • African artists live in their studio and their social engagement

Price: 15 euros per art encounter (shared revenue with the artist).
Where: online via zoom – 1 hour

When: Art Encounters took place in 2020 about the following destinations: Senegal, Uganda, Ethiopia and Mali.

Please sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about upcoming art encounters and other events. Bespoke art encounters are also possible to arrange. Please send an email to Rosalie@urbanafricans.com

Studio visit Senegalese artist Meissa Fall
Live Online Art Encounter with Senegalese artist Kh Bamba and a “tour” through Senegal.
Kh Bamba, ‘Blessing’, acrylic, collage and cotton weaving on canvas, 150 cm x 98 cm, 2020
Art encounter with John Kamicha’s Kenyan 100 soldiers.

My next ‘live’ lecture series ‘African Art is Booming!’ is at Bonhams in Amsterdam – click on this link for more information – Dutch spoken