Why Dak’Art
Dak’Art is the oldest and largest biennial on the African continent. The 14th edition is being organized for 2022. The Dak’Art biennial is the African compliment to the Venice biennial. Every two years the capital of Senegal changes into an international art city and a team of renowned curators prepare and assemble the INN or main exhibition of Dak’Art. The previous INN editions have taken place at beautiful locations, such as the African modernist Palace of Justice. In addition, exhibitions organized by galleries, museums, artists’ collectives, cultural centers and embassies throughout the city can be visited. The city is bursting with art energy and every art lover should experience it at least once!

Senegal Visa
Not necessary for Western Europeans. Passport must be valid for at least six months after your stay in Senegal. More information: https://www.aeroport-dakar.com/visa_on_arrival_senegal.php

For vaccinations, it is always good to first visit the doctor or the local Travel Clinic

Tour Guide
Rosalie van Deursen

All travel is with air-conditioned buses. Depending on the size of the group, we will travel with either one or two mini buses. We will use these buses for the excursions as well.

Accommodation Senegal
On this trip we stay in good and centrally located hotels. In Dakar and Saint Louis we stay in charming boutique hotels and there is a one-night stay in a lodge by the beach not far from Saint Louis. An additional cost of € 375 will be charged if you require a single room. (Subject to changes)

Currency Senegal
1 Euro is 655 Franc CFA (XOF) depending of course on the rate of exchange at the time.

We recommend converting part of this amount into cash (euros or dollars). You are able to use an ATM in Dakar but sometimes the ATMs do not work. That is why it is handy to take at least half your money with you in cash. A credit card is useful as a backup although it is not accepted everywhere.

It is customary to give tips in Senegal. In restaurants a tip of 10% is usual. Although the tipping for the local guides and bus drivers have already been included in the payment for this tour the tour leader will still arrange a separate tipping box. All other tipping is not included in the price of the tour.

You are obliged to ensure that you are properly insured when traveling. Consider travel, health and cancellation insurance.

Senegal is a country where 33% of the population lives below the poverty line. This means that the facilities are sometimes good, sometimes simple and that things sometimes do not go as they were planned. Or they may take much more time than expected. This requires some flexibility from the traveller. A flexible attitude makes it a lot easier to enjoy all the special experiences in Senegal.

Senegal has a warm steppe or semi-arid climate with an average of about six hundred millimeters of rainfall per year. Generally, the rainfall occurs during the rainy season that runs from July to mid-October. Dakar is on the coast and thanks to the cooling effect of the sea there is most often a pleasant and warm temperature.

Dakar is pleasant and warm but can be cool in the evenings if you are by the sea and get the sea breeze. It is advisable to take a sweater with you. Men in Senegal do not wear short pants and we recommend that our travellers do the same. Senegal is an Islamic country which means that women too need to wear suitable clothing that covers the body. Headscarves are not compulsory in Senegal but it is advisable that you have one with you. Also consider taking comfortable walking shoes for walking through the dusty streets in Dakar. Keep your feet clean with closed shoes.

In Senegal there is a voltage of 230 Volts. We recommend however, that you take a universal adapter with you due to the fact that sometimes the sockets can be different. Regarding photo and film equipment, it should be taken into account that there are sometimes power cuts. It is therefore advisable to make sure you bring sufficient batteries or batteries that are rechargeable.

Internet and telephony
Many hotels offer WIFI. Keep in mind that internet connections are often very slow. You can make phone calls from the hotels. Some mobile phone companies have roaming agreements. We recommend that you check with your own provider about the options and costs.

Dakar is very photogenic, both in terms of street scenes and people. With the latter, we ask our participants to be cautious. Do not photograph people without asking them for permission. Everything that has to do with the police and the army may not be photographed.

General Travel Conditions Urban Africans CLICK HERE

Cancellation Policy Urban Africans
Reimbursement upon cancellation:
• 56 days before departure, 25% of the travel fee
• 56 to 28 days before departure, 50% of the travel fee
• Cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) up to the 14th day before departure, 75% of the travel fee
• Cancellation from the 14th day (inclusive) until the day of departure or later, no reimbursement

Payment Conditions Urban Africans
You are required to make a down payment of 25% of the total travel fee on booking with a minimum of €250 per person. The remaining amount must be received by us 8 weeks prior to departure.

Cancelled Tour by Urban Africans
If a group tour does not reach the required minimum number of participants, the trip will be cancelled no later than four weeks before departure. Urban Africans will return the already paid travel fee to your account right away.

Prices 2022
A large part of the costs and tour arrangements in each country are calculated in US dollars. Given the economic climate, we cannot estimate the rates of exchange in 2022. Urban Africans reserves the right to adjust their prices due to changes in currency conversion. You will be notified in this case.

In Conclusion
Urban Africans strives to ensure good organization and that all aspects of traveling with us provide a good experience for the traveller. It must be said, however, that some journeys have a pioneering character in certain countries where art and cultural tourism are still in their infancy. Occasionally, a certain area or city cannot be reached due to political circumstances or otherwise. In all cases the tour leader is the person responsible for solving problems that arise in consultation with the group. If this does not happen satisfactorily the traveller is please to inform the tour leader. At the conclusion of the tour participants will receive a questionnaire by e-mail wherein their opinions of the tour can be expressed. Problems that have not been satisfactorily resolved must be notified in writing to Urban Africans within two weeks of returning home.

To book or for any questions, please contact rosalie@urbanafricans.com